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Melania Trump - The Woman Behind 1 year ago

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Melania Trump is the woman behind Donald Trump. But how much do we know about Melania and her role in Donald Trump's campaign. In this video you will learn everything about Melania.

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Due to donald Trumps recent presidential race, Melania Trump is getting a lot of publicity. And a lot of it is also not that good.

Melania Trump is from Slovenia

Yup, that’s right. Melania Trump was born in a small country with only 2 million people, called Slovenia.

She started her modelling career at 5

While most of the Slovenian kids her age were getting ready to go to kindergarten, Melania Trump was getting ready for the catwalk. Starting modelling at 5, the future was bright for this one.

She changed her name

Melania’s real name is Melanija - pronounced exactly the same, but spelled with a ‘j’. Her name was germanized in order to become an easily recognizable household name and cause less confusion in the modelling world.

She dropped out of university

Melania reportedly attended a Secondary School of Design and Photography in her home country and finished up juse one year at University before dropping out.

She had a 1 million dollar wedding

Like a true princess, Mrs Trump doesn’t spare time or money when it comes to love.

Melania Trump speaks five languages

Melania reportedly speaks Slovenian, Serbian, English, French, and German and we bet she can also throw Italian in the mix.

It took 7 years to marry Trump

Melania and Donald met at a fashion week party owned by a modelling agency in 1998. Mr Trump had his own date for the evening, but still asked Melania for his number.

She became a US citizen in 2006

As a model, Melania did plenty of work outside of Slovenia and moved to Milan at 18.

She launched a jewelry collection!

In 2010, Melania launched her own jewelry collection called Melania Timepieces & Jewelry with QVC. We’re not sure whether it was a household name, the jewelry itself or the superb QVC marketing that did the trick, but the collection was sold out in just 45 minutes.

She claims she doesn’t have a nanny for her children

This might be the reason she’s not appearing in the campaigns to support her husband or hasn’t been a big business name in the past few years.

She didn’t want her husband to run for president

Trump told The Washington Post that Melania didn’t like the idea of being the first lady. In her words, she apparently said “We have such a great life. Why do you want to do this?’

She has two siblings

Melania has an older sister, Ines, and a half brother from her father Viktor’s previous marriage, Denis. She’s never met him and denied his existence until media dug up his name in 2016.

Rumors of Melania’s first boyfriend have been denied

The media reports that Melania’s first boyfriend was Peter Butoln, who claims he dated Melania when she was 17. To his description, Melania was the most beautiful girl he ever laid eyes on.

She likes to challenge her husband

In an interview, Melania claimed she never fully agrees to her husband and that she’s not a “yes, sir” kind of girl. Whether this is true or not, it’s an admirable trait for a wife of a strong minded individual like Trump.

Melania’s stepchildren are just a few years younger than her

To make things even weirder in the Trump family, Melania’s 4 stepchildren are only a few years younger than her. In case you forgot, she’s 45 years old. Donald Trump Junior is 38, Ivanka Trump is 34, Eric Trump is 32 and Tiffany Trump is 23. The weirdest part is, they could all be 10 year old’s Barron Trump’s parents.



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