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10 Hidden Star Wars Facts You Didn't 2 years ago

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Amazing Details You Need To Know About The Star Wars Prequel Movies While You Wait For The Force Awakens!
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Ever since its debut in 1977 and with the popularity of the upcoming episode The Force Awakens, it's safe to say the Star Wars franchise is a staple of pop culture. So many of its characters and aspects have become so well-known around the world, that even those who haven’t seen the films are aware of Han Solo and the Force. But did you know there are some details even the biggest fans might not know about their favorite films? Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Hidden Star Wars Facts You Didn’t Know.

Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis

Spielberg Can't Direct | 0:31
Liam Neeson's Poor Judgment | 1:01
Yoda Speaks The Truth | 1:34
Ford Takes Two | 2:12
Lando's A Clone | 2:40
Luke Becomes Vader | 3:07
Star Wars: Flop of the Century | 3:35
A Disturbance in the Force | 4:03
The First Film is Fourth? | 4:32
What’s My Name? | 5:02

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