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Full Face Using Only $20 ... BEST Affordable Makeup! 7 months ago

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SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Full face natural makeup look using only $20, yes really $20 ... BEST affordable makeup!

Yes, only spend $20 for this full face makeup look.
Links below (no affiliate links):
Essence Camouflage Concealer
Also, you can find at Ulta at $2.99

Elf Powder $2.00

NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick in Brick Red Blaze $7.99 (Lip & Cheek)

Essence Design Eyebrow Pencil $1.99

Essence Get Big Lashes $3.99

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In today's video, I am doing a full face natural makeup look for $20. This is an easy and affordable makeup look for teens or any makeup lover looking for affordable (and good) makeup. This is kinda like the $20 makeup challenge! I love all kinds of makeup and I am always looking for the best makeup for the price and I think the makeup in this video is an excellent deal for the price and gives you a nice natural makeup look.

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